What Employers Should Ask When Using A Top Retained Search

In Texas, top employers face varying staffing needs throughout the year. These needs may reflect permanent placements for retiring employees or the need to secure talented professionals for special projects. The following are details that all employers should ask when using a Top retained search.

How Does a Retained Search Work?

The staffing agency advertises their services to potential job seekers via a variety of outlets. The applicants submit their resume or application through the firm’s website. The recruiters contact all applicants who qualify for management and upper executive level positions. They offer these individuals the option to work through their firm on a temporary basis and help them secure a permanent placement.

Does the Talent Sign a Contract with the Recruiter?

Yes, the contract provides them with a predetermined amount of time to work for the agency. During this time, the recruiter works to find the applicant a permanent position with their top employers. Once the employers assess the candidate’s job performance, they determine if they want to hire them permanently. They report their findings to the recruiters. If the company doesn’t choose to hire the candidate, the recruiter finds the worker a new position.

Does the Employer Sign a Contract with the Recruiter?

Yes, all employers who work with the recruiting agencies are required to sign a contract. Through the contract, they pay a fee for each candidate they acquire. They pay ongoing fees if they hire the candidate as a temporary worker. They pay a final fee for talent acquisition if they hire the candidate on a full-time basis.

Can the Employer Acquire Temporary Assistance from the Talent?

Yes, top employers who need to build a temporary team have access to talent for these purposes. The recruiter reviews the qualifications of the candidates and cultivates the team based on the employer’s specifications. They can utilize the team for their preferred duration.

In Texas, employers accommodate their staffing needs by working with a recruiter. The recruiter familiarizes themselves with the requirements for each employer and searches for candidates who meet these requirements. Business owners who need full-time or temporary talent contact a recruiter today.